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Started in 2005, Amity brokers has gone on to become an award winning, international commercial finance brokerage. We are based in Leicester, England, and have brokers positioned 12 countries across 5 continents. We are known by all lenders, and regarded as one of the leading commercial finance brokers in Europe. We can offer you the best support possible in sourcing commercial finance.

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Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists are investors who put in a considerable amount of money in exchange for equity in the business, and get returns when the business goes public or is acquired by another company. Venture capitalists are all about the money, and only invest in businesses that have the potential of providing good returns on their investment.

Direct Bank Loans

We have a network of banks and financial institutions who are willing to provide direct funding into your business, as well as provide personal installment loans

Small Business Loans

These are usually provided by banks to help small businesses find their feet.

Crowd Funding

This involves funding a business by taking small amounts of capital from a large number of people, usually via the internet. This type of funding makes use of the vast networks of small investors, who are willing to invest a token into a business in exchange for some interest.

Angel Investors

Angel investors are wealthy individuals who will provide funding in exchange for a share of equity in the business. Some investors work in groups and screen deals together before providing funds, while most work on their own.

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Frequently Ask Qustion

Business loans are a type of loan that enables businesses to obtain funding for any business purpose. Business loans can refer to lots of different products including:
Secured business loans
Unsecured business loans
Revolving credit facilities
Business cash advances

There is no restriction on the use of the funds, however most lenders like to record what the purpose is, in order to better understand how their clients use their facilities. Popular reasons include:
Raising working capital
Covering marketing expenses
Funding expansion, including the purchase of additional property
Payment of VAT bills / tax bills
Covering stock costs
Covering costs of staff training
Funding the purchase, refurbishment or upgrade of equipment/assets
Restructuring of current debt

High street banks have the cheapest cost of funds. However, since the credit crunch strict controls have been placed on the risk they are allowed to take in their lending. This has meant that only mature, stable businesses who can clearly demonstrate affordability can obtain funding from high street sources.

As a result of these restrictions a huge ‘gap’ in funding was created by the high street banks. The need to fill this gap gave rise to what has become known as the ‘alternative’ finance industry. Alternative lenders occupy this space and specialise in lending to businesses who:

Trading less than three years (have less than 3 years filed accounts)
Cannot demonstrate affordability (to the level the high street banks require)
Do not operate in the sectors which banks perceive as being ‘safe’
Require a very high level of funding
Require cross collateral funding (funding against multiple assets)
Have directors who have credit issues

Alternative lenders do have higher costs of funds than high street banks, but they are willing to take on more risk. The great news is that the alternative finance space is flourishing. Peer-to-peer, hedge fund and privately backed lenders are starting up each month. In fact, the UK alternative finance industry has become global leaders, and the envy of economies around the globe.

As brokers we can not only expose you to all these different types of lenders, but also package and present your case in a way which will deliver you the best possible terms, at the lowest possible rate.

Unsecured business loans enable businesses to borrow money for any business purpose, usually at higher interest rates than a secured business loan. The amount you borrow, the term and the interest rate all depend upon your credit history and personal circumstances.

There is no security required. The lender will check your credibility as a business to determine if they are willing to lend or not.

Revolving credit facilities are a type of credit line that is arranged between a bank and a business. It has a maximum amount where the business has access to the money at any time. This type of credit line is mostly useful for operating purposes and cash flow. The amount you borrow all depend upon the income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet statement.